Whether you are a skincare enthusiast, or an inspiring empire founder, or simply looking for a fun way to spend your time, you will find incredibly valuable information from our specially tailored classes. We aim to overwhelm you with so much new knowledge you’ll be inspired and enabled to create more wonderful and effective skincare products.


Our workshop curriculum has been designed for anyone with zero formulating knowledge, without any scientific background, to be able to formulate and create multiple kinds of skincare products after learning and following through each module. We will build all essential foundations that you need to begin your journey of discovering and formulating your own professional skincare and body range products.

Each workshop session is about 3-4 hours. The first half of the session is lecture style to learn all the fundamentals and theories, followed by hands-on training. You will receive ingredients kit, a booklet of everything that will be taught in class, and you will formulate two products during class with remaining ingredients to practice at home. We will provide everything you will need in the class, there is no need to bring anything else except your enthusiasm and excitement to class.

Be creative and innovative.
We will teach you how each individual ingredients work for your skin and how to formulate a product that is customized to your skin type.

Design your own facial and body skin care products
Learn how to professionally create a recipe that is scalable to produce consistent and high quality products.

Supportive and conducive learning environment
Be with other like-minded people. Here at Skin Dewi, we have a community of others, who like you, are passionate about organic skincare. At the community we will be able to ask questions, discuss, share ideas and to learn from one another.

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