Module 1. Facial Beauty Oil

  • Understand how natural oil works for the skin
  • Learn more about fix oil and essential oil
  • Explore different carrier oil textures and discover which one works best for your skin type
  • Learn how to blend carrier oils and essential oils to suit your skin type
  • Learn about essential oil dermal limits, count allergens and safety
  • Learn how to create a formula


     What you will get:

  • 8 carrier oils
  • 5 essential oils
  • Carrier oil workbook
  • Essential oil workbook
  • Essential oil safety handbook
  • Facial Oil Module


     What you will do:

  • Formulate a cleansing oil
  • Formlate a facial oil serum


Classes will resume in January 2017. Schedule will be published soon.

Sorry, there is no active schedules.