Skin Dewi believes that everyone can have healthy, glowing skin. It is our passion to show you how to achieve this through our ESE system – Education (workshop), Solution (private consult, bespoke/formulated retail products), and guided Exploration (diy projects using our high quality ingredients).

Whatever your skin type, whatever your skin concern, our organic skincare workshops will guide you through the options and solutions available to you.

Agatha Caroline

Saya mengikuti Skin Dewi workshop dengan paket full course, dan tidak menyangka mendapatkan banyak ilmu yang berguna dari ws ini.

Disini saya belajar & diingatkan lagi untuk selalu cek kebenaran dari suatu produk sehingga tidak mudah hanyut pada kabar yg berseliweran di internet sekarang ini. Dan juga sebagai artisan sy juga menjadi tahu bagaimana cara mengolah bahan!! Secara profesional, sehingga produk jadi terjamin kebersihannya.

Apa yg saya dapatkan dari ws ini melebihi dari apa yg saya bayarkan & saya harapkan. Mengikuti ws ini dapat menghemat waktu, biaya & juga memperbanyak koneksi dalam dunia sekincare berbahan alami, tetapi juga lebih mengerti bahwa tidak semua bahan baku seperti paraben, emulsifier, thickener berbahaya seperti y/ diberitakan di internt. Jika anda orang yg suka akan natural skincare, ws ini akan cocok u/Anda....

Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta

Madam Etha

It’s changing your LIFE helped me so much. Thank you.

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta

Ekjote Kaur

Thank you for sharing so much information with us. I’ve learned so much from you! Hope you will add even more classes in the future. Thanks again.

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta

Shanty Novia Yosefa

When I signed up for the workshop, I expected she will give me materials to work for, and all the formulas and instructions so we can practice at home. But, the class went beyond expectation, she introduces us to all the basic knowledge of materials, the safety, and the dos and don’ts. She lets us be crative and make our own formulas with her guidance, plus we can consult with her anytime (literally, she never sleeps!).

I highly recommend skindewi for you who are interested in making your own organic skincare, or who are planning to make your own skincare brands. It is indeed “life changing”.

Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta

Begin Your Skincare Journey

Dedicated to skincare that is pure and effective, Skin Dewi carries some signature products we are proud to stand behind. These products are original custom and personal formulations that have shown incredible results. The formulation features high performance natural ingredients to meet the needs of your skin.

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This is a breakthrough regime for my sensitive skin. After a long 10 years having

doctor cream-full off steroid, fighting adult acne and so on. Skin dewi bring the

goodness to my skin, it help my skin regenerate very well, reducing my cystic acne

too. Curently i'm having the hazelnut series for my combination skin.

I'm very gratefull that i find skin dewi, and i hope this product can help more

people like me.

Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta

Yelena Setiabudi

Saya Yelena Setiabudi, mau berikan testimonial untuk produk Skin Dewi yangsudah saya gunakan selama 3 bulan ini. Pada awal perawatan kulit saya,saya sempatmenggunakan produk-produk kecantikan mulai dari merek-merek mahal yangdijual di mall-mall sampai ke produk perawatan cream dari dokter tapi padasaat saya baru menggunakan wajah saya langsung gatal dan merah serta perihsehingga saya tidak berani menggunakannya lagi.Awalnya saya ragu dengan produk Skin Dewi karena baru pertama kali sayadengar merek ini dan belum terlalu dikenal di pasaran. Saya coba hanyadengan pembersih dan pelembab wajahnya saja karena saya males repot terlalubanyak macam produk perawatan. Saya sangat suka dengan hasilnya tanpa harusbanyak-banyak oles produk dan tidak harus menggunakan berbagai macamproduk, kulit saya sekarang tidak ada lagi jerawat batu maupun komedo. Sayatidak sadar dengan perubahan ini tapi banyak sekali teman-teman yang memujikulit saya sekarang ini. Thank you Skin Dewi

Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta

Ilse Olieman

The first product I tried from Skin Dewi was the Rosehip vitamin C treatments for Skin discoloration on my elbow and I must say the result of the product is super (I have hyper-pigmentation  on the side of my face  "birthmark").  

My chance to watch Dewi in action came when she hosted a "Spa Mask" workshop  in Singapore.

We all received a handout-workbook so we could easily follow her instructions.  Dewi has  a professional yet approachable method when sharing her knowledge and research about different skin types with their relevant problems and also how different oils  could help in support  for your skin.   

Under Dewi's expert guidance, we learned to formulate our own mask by mixing several essential oils from the many we could chose from.  My personal favourite essential oil is lavender. Lavender is very relaxing.We finished up with a wonderful facial by a therapist who used our own personal made product.  


Thank you Dewi,

This was really a fun-workshop.


 I recommend this Skin Dewi Organic Skincare "Workshops" to beauticians who want to really service their clients with sensitive skin.

Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta


I’ve been battling with sensitive and acne-prone skin for years now and tried numerous products but none seemed to work. I was introduced to use Skin Dewi Vitamin C and decided to give it a try. My skin condition improved significantly in just one week of daily application. The vitC has helped tamed the redness and my acne marks faded gradually. I tried the scar serum as well to treat my wound. It was healing fast and became less visible in just 3 weeks. I’m amazed by the result myself and I love this serum, smells really good too!

Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Skin Dewi is committed to provide high quality, ethically sourced ingredients. We want you to be in control of what you and your family put on your skin and hair, and we desire to be your one stop shop solution for you to make your own natural, organic, & professional products.

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